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Boop (Nora Valkyrie x MaleReader)
Starting out at a new school can be rough, starting out at an academy with a reputation like Beacon is another thing entirely. When you and your best friend Jaune Arc arrived from Patch there was no denying the butterflies in your stomach, especially since Jaune spent the first few minute after landing face-first in a trash can. You had no idea what trials awaited you but you thought you were more than ready to face them. A night’s sleep later, followed by a catapult launch into the academy’s initiation, you met your partner, a fox Faunus named Carmen Rouge and together with another boy named Nicholas Frost and a rabbit Faunus named Daisy Amarelo and your team was formed. You had made friends, not only with Jaune and his team but with other students, namely a team of girls called Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang.
As with any kind of school term, there were good times and bad times. Today, however, was the start of the new semester and as you and your teammates sat in the dining
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 132 38
Weiss x Male reader: Scars Finale.
The finale is here! ENJOY! ONTO THE READ!  (sorry, it's kinda short)
Unfortunately, you were in a coma for quite some time...
Weiss walked into the hospital room with some white roses.
Weiss: It isn't much... But I hope you feel better (y/n)... I hope you wake up soon... Anyway, today is the first day of the Vytal festival... I hope you wish us luck...
No response...
Weiss: ...Oh (y/n)...
She then got up and walked away... She started to cry, and ran out... This is how the next few days were...
All of a sudden, you hear sirens. You slowly open your eyes.
(y/n): What t-the?
Doctor: The boy's awake!  It's alright kid, we're moving you to a different facility... Beacon is under attack-
Just then, some grimm run into the medical wing and start to slay the doctors and nurses like no tomorrow... Eventually, everyone was dead... Except you... Grimm slowly came into the room... You unhooked yourself from the machines, and jumped over the grimm, and ran as fast as yo
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 94 60
The Armored Heart(Erza X male reader)
Right now I am flying towards the city of magnolia, where I probably would find some work.but I bet you are wondering how I can fly and it is because I had manifest fire wings on my back so I can fly.with enough practice I can do a lot of things with my power of fire.
Such as make weapons,make allies to help me.and heal others with ease and I can heal myself too.but right now I am looking for jobs to do so I can have somewhere to sleep and eat o probably buy a new book.its get pretty bored and alone when you travel, it would be nice to a mate to be with me...........
My thoughts were gone when I came to the front border of the town, magnolia.i landed not too far from the city and started to walk towards the city and soon I entered it.'I hope there s gonna jobs to do for money' I thought
(1 hour later)
I have been wondering around the city for a while now 'I probably should ask someone' I thought.i looked around to see a blonde with keys on her hips she must be a celestial wiz
:iconcornelioburris:CornelioBurris 44 3
Weiss x Male reader: Scars 4
How many people have seen episode 1? What do you guys think of the intro? O_o... ANYWAY, I won't spoil anything  , Hope you all enjoy this part! ONTO THE READ! 
You wake up the next morning, feeling refreshed, but also a killer headache.
(y/n): Man, I guess hitting her dorm door hurt more than I thought. 
You get up and go wash off... When you come back to your room, you see Weiss standing by your dorm
(y/n): This is unexpected.
Weiss: Oh... Well I'll just leave then-
(y/n): I said unexpected... Not unwelcome... What can I do for ya Schnee?
Weiss: ...You can call me Weiss ya know?
(y/n): Yup, I know.
Weiss: What a dolt...
(y/n): Yup!... Anyway, what's up? 
Weiss: ...Since you saved me yesterday... I'd like to take you to lunch.
You kinda fell to the side a little.
(y/n): Come again?
Weiss: Lunch
(y/n): ...Wha-
Weiss: Just be ready in a few hours you dunce...
She then walked off in a hurry.
(y/n): ...Ok then...
You went back to your dorm and chilled for a little
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 92 20
Weiss x Male reader: Scars 3
ANYBODY HYPE FOR VOLUME 4!!!!! Hope everyone is enjoying this so far... ONTO THE READ! 
After laying around your dorm for a little, you decide to walk around campus, see where some of your classes were.  As you're walking around, you see a bunch of guys pulling this girl's bunny ears! You run over there and push one of them back.
(y/n): Leave her alone! 
???: Oh, and what are you gonna do about it? She's a FREAK!
That word... That very word hit you in your core... You didn't know why... But you got so enraged and angry... 
You roared with all your might! But... Something felt different... You were a little closer to the ground.
The dude and the rest of his team ran away... You looked back at the ground and almost shit yourself!... Y-you transformed?! INTO A SNOW LEOPARD?! WHATTTTTTTTTT!!  Then, you transformed back into yourself... Ozpin and team RWBY rushing over to you and the bunny girl. 
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 96 35
Weiss x Male reader: Scars 1
Hope everyone like this!
You are a snow leopard faunus... You were raised by your parents up in Atlas.  Your dad was a human, and your mom was a snow leopard as well... Your mom had a tail, but you only had claws... This was nice because people couldn't tell right away if you were a faunus... But people found out eventually when they knew who your mom was... You were just about 5-6 years old when your parents took you to a park one day... You would run around and play with kids that were there... That didn't last long because you would show them how cool your claws were... The kids thought it was cool... The parents... Not so much... So they'd take their children and leave... And you were all alone at the park... You're parents took you and left... As you were leaving, you heard a voice.
???: FREAK!
You and your parents turn around. You see a father and a daughter.  You didn't know who they were, and you didn't understand who the other parent your parents were talk
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 146 57
RWBY: Neo X Male Faunus : Not a word! Part 3
You woke up a couple hours later feeling well rested... and someone laying on top of you...
(y/n): Why am I not surprised.
You saw Neo looking at you with big eyes.  She pecks you on the nose and then a few times on the lips.
Torchwick: Neo! Neo! Where are you?
Neo jumps off of you quick and rush downstairs
(y/n): Well that was short lived...
You decide to get up and see if Torchwick needs you to do anything.
(y/n): Hey Torchwick, need me for anything?
Torchwick: Ah bambi! There you are! Uh, not tonight, I think I'll just need you to keep watch from up top.
(y/n): Sure..
You decide I go back upstairs and go to the roof as the sun sets.  You sit and just enjoy the nice breeze of the wind and look as the night sky slowly shows its face.  After sitting up there for an hour or two, you hear someone open the window.
(y/n): Oh, hey Neo.
Neo once again says nothing, but gives you a smile.  Although, she wasn't wearing her jacket.. And her hair was in a
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 61 4
RWBY: Neo X Male Faunus : Not a word! Part 2
Sorry the last one was a little short, I didn't realize how short it was, but this one will definitely be longer! And I'm really sinking into this one soooo much, that instead of only 2 parts, I'll make this close to as long as my Yang reader insert!  But I'm not sure how long I'll be able to make it, but I'd say between 4-7 parts!  Enjoy!
You and Neo were just sitting outside. It had been a couple of hours and she was still sitting on you, asleep inside your jacket... you were just looking at the sky.  You heard footsteps by the door, you nudged Neo to get up, she kinda looked a little annoyed that you woke her up, but then she heard the footsteps too, and if you were caught like this together... that might not end well with either Cinder or Torchwick... so Neo slides under your jacket and grabs your hand, and you two run to the side of the shed RIGHT when Torchwick opens the door.
Torchwick: Uh, Where'd they go?
Cinder comes outside.
Cinder: Hmm, this is interesting, m
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 60 11
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 6
This is slowly coming to an end :( and I feel like I just started this... Anyway, probably a few more parts left to go... ONTO THE READ!
4:30 AM.
You slowly start to wake up... You immediately regret not making it to your bed, because your back was killing you from sleeping on the floor.
(y/n): Well that was stupid... Huh?!
You couldn't believe what you were seeing... You rubbed your eyes a few times... She was still there... Coco Adel... She was sitting at your desk chair, fast asleep.
(y/n): H-how did she get in?
You slowly got up, and tried not to wake her up...
You looked at the dress she was in.
(y/n) (thinking) : Man... She looks beautiful...
You decided that she would probably have a sore neck and back if she stayed in that position for too much longer... So you slowly picked her up, and carried her to your bed... You took her heels off, and took her sunglasses and hat off... Man... You couldn't get over how beautifu
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 94 91
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 5
Hope everyone keeps enjoying this! Just a fair waring, this chapter is a little shorter, but I have a reason for that ;) ...ONTO THE READ!
Little did you know... Someone... Was watching you...
You continued to punch the bag, you felt your muscles stretch back and forth as you punched the bag... After about 10 minutes, you stopped, and sat on the ground to take a break... You went to the bathrooms to get a drink of water and wash your face before getting back to the punching bag...
You finished getting a drink of water... Until you thought you heard footsteps... You slowly exited the bathroom, and you kept hearing them... This time, they were moving away from you... Until they were completely gone... Strange...
You slowly walked back up to the punching bag, and looked around...
(y/n): Strange... I swore I heard someone...
You shrugged, and went back to punching...
*Coco POV*
We had just thanked the bullhead pi
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 108 97
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 4
I'm happy every is enjoying this! :D ONTO THE READ!
You put the scroll up to your ear.
(y/n): H-hello?
Coco: (y/n)! Are you alright?
(y/n): I-I'm fine Coco, why wouldn't I be?
Coco: Because you scared me half to death by running away!
(y/n): I'm sorry... I just-
Coco: Shit! Velvet, get the bags, we gotta move.
You could hear fighting over the scroll.
(y/n): Coco? Are you alright?
Coco: I'm fine! I gotta go! We'll talk when I get back-
She then hung up... You handed the scroll back to the blonde.
Yang: What did she want?
(y/n): Oh, she just wanted to make sure I was ok.
Yang: You her little brother or something?
You chuckled.
(y/n): No, I'm just a friend... Thank you for letting me talk to Coco.
Yang: No problem... I'm Yang by the way... This is Weiss.
(y/n): It's nice to meet you both.
Yang: Are you a transfer student?
(y/n): Y-yeah I suppose so.
Yang: I figured, since you were wearing your uniform on a non-school day.
(y/n): Oh, well that's because it's al
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 103 85
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 3
Hope everyone is hype for Part 3! Nothing else to say, let's get to it! ONTO THE READ!
You walked over to Table 6... With a single person sitting there...
(y/n): Hello sir, welcome to Clover's cafe, what would you like?
???: ...Just some water...
(y/n): Water? You sure.
???: Y-yeah.
You noticed he was a little "battle worn"... He must've been a tired huntsman... You quickly went behind the counter, and grabbed a bottle of water... You brought it to him, and he chugged it down in seconds.
(y/n): Huntsman?
???: Heh, close enough, I'm a huntsman in training, and a transfer student to Beacon academy.
(y/n): I see... Well, would that be all?
???: No, I'd like some coffee please.
You were pleasantly surprised at how nice he was... You left his table to go make him some coffee... Of course... Woody had to walk by while you were making it.
Woody: Look newbie, I need to make my drinks first.
You were holding back your fist, clenching it, you really wanted to punch Woody... But y
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 119 65
A Guide to Undertale AUs
Want to submit an AU? Click here and read this!
Have a question? It may have been answered, check the FAQ!
Click the titles of categories to see more on the AUs listed below them.

Every single character in Undertale is changed. AUs that only affect some of the characters are not found here, nor are AUs that change only during the time Frisk is within the underground.
Basic Change (<-THIS IS A LINK)
The basic theme of Undertale is changed, flipped, or modified while still remaining in the same basic story in some which way or form. Most of these AUs have their own versions of the characters. It usually follows a specific theme,
:iconfarsidejr:farsidejr 2,515 4,390
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 2
I'm happy everyone liked part 1! ENJOY!
The bullhead had just landed... You walked out with Coco, and you looked around.
(y/n): T-this place is huge!
Coco: Yeah, it is... Come on, let's get you cleaned up.
(y/n): O-oh, ok.
You followed next to her and you both were walking.
Coco: ...(y/n).
(y/n): Y-yeah?
Coco: ... Was that all the money you had?
(y/n): W-what do you mean?
Coco: To pay for our drinks... Was that all you had.
You looked to the ground... She was slightly intimidating, so you didn't know what to say... But... You decided it was better to be honest.
(y/n): Y-yeah, it was.
Coco stopped in her tracks, and looked you dead in the eye.
Coco: Why would you do that?! IF that was all you had, why would you do that?
You were looking at the ground... You were a little scared.
(y/n): I-I... I just wanted to help you people out... You were so kind to me in the cafe... And I just wanted to show my appreciation...
Coco: But if that was all your money, we certainly weren't
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 116 86
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 1
Thank you all for tuning in! This is part 1 of my Coco story! I hope you all enjoy! :D
Also... I'm gonna try a new thing... Like I do with my BACKSTORY... I'm gonna do CHARACTER. It will stand for your personality... So let me know what you think! :D
CHARACTER: You try not to cause trouble, kind of quiet, and will settle for whatever you have... But if it's protecting the well being of others... You would sacrifice yourself if you had to. You prefer others happiness over you being happy...
Today was your first day of work... You were now a waiter at one of the popular cafe's in Vale... You didn't start out there though... You started in an orphanage... Of course, thanks to the Grimm, a lot of orphanages were being made... Because parents were being murdered by the vile creatures, while kids were left without homes, food, education... You were one of those children... Basically born and raised in the orphanage...You then got too old to be in the orphanage... Yo
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 154 90
In My Sights(Male!Reader x Sinon) (One Shot)
In a arena that was filled with tree and wild life, were good spots for sniping players. In GGO was a new arena that was recently added when the new update came out. The arena is a combination of a forest, rain forest, and jungle. A strange deer like mutant was drinking from a river side as the trees rustled from the wind. The deer was within the sight of a scope that was analyzing the wind and distance. It resulted in the wind being -15 while the distance was 500. The scope soon aimed in the calculated coordinates.
"Got ya in my sights." A voice whispered as a click was heard. A gunshot echoed through air as the birds flew off. Poking out of the branches was a anti-material SV-98 sniper rifle. It revealed a hooded figure with a armor that looked like an assassin and mercenary. He soon descended from the tree and went to claim his hunt. He knelt down at the dead deer as a item popped out from it after it shattered.  
"Scaled Deer Skin." It said as the player added
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 154 47




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