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A Guide to Undertale AUs
Submissions are temporarily closed. You can still submit, but I won't be adding them in for a while. I just need a little break from everything.
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Every single character in Undertale is changed. AUs that only affect some of the characters are not found here, nor are AUs that change only during the time Frisk is within the underground.
Basic Change (<-THIS IS A LINK)
The basic theme of Undertale is changed, flipped, or modified while still remaining in the same basic sto
:iconfarsidejr:farsidejr 2,249 4,168
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 2
I'm happy everyone liked part 1! ENJOY!
The bullhead had just landed... You walked out with Coco, and you looked around.
(y/n): T-this place is huge!
Coco: Yeah, it is... Come on, let's get you cleaned up.
(y/n): O-oh, ok.
You followed next to her and you both were walking.
Coco: ...(y/n).
(y/n): Y-yeah?
Coco: ... Was that all the money you had?
(y/n): W-what do you mean?
Coco: To pay for our drinks... Was that all you had.
You looked to the ground... She was slightly intimidating, so you didn't know what to say... But... You decided it was better to be honest.
(y/n): Y-yeah, it was.
Coco stopped in her tracks, and looked you dead in the eye.
Coco: Why would you do that?! IF that was all you had, why would you do that?
You were looking at the ground... You were a little scared.
(y/n): I-I... I just wanted to help you people out... You were so kind to me in the cafe... And I just wanted to show my appreciation...
Coco: But if that was all your money, we certainly weren't
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 94 79
Coco x Male reader! Rags to Riches! Part 1
Thank you all for tuning in! This is part 1 of my Coco story! I hope you all enjoy! :D
Also... I'm gonna try a new thing... Like I do with my BACKSTORY... I'm gonna do CHARACTER. It will stand for your personality... So let me know what you think! :D
CHARACTER: You try not to cause trouble, kind of quiet, and will settle for whatever you have... But if it's protecting the well being of others... You would sacrifice yourself if you had to. You prefer others happiness over you being happy...
Today was your first day of work... You were now a waiter at one of the popular cafe's in Vale... You didn't start out there though... You started in an orphanage... Of course, thanks to the Grimm, a lot of orphanages were being made... Because parents were being murdered by the vile creatures, while kids were left without homes, food, education... You were one of those children... Basically born and raised in the orphanage...You then got too old to be in the orphanage... Yo
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 119 78
In My Sights(Male!Reader x Sinon) (One Shot)
In a arena that was filled with tree and wild life, were good spots for sniping players. In GGO was a new arena that was recently added when the new update came out. The arena is a combination of a forest, rain forest, and jungle. A strange deer like mutant was drinking from a river side as the trees rustled from the wind. The deer was within the sight of a scope that was analyzing the wind and distance. It resulted in the wind being -15 while the distance was 500. The scope soon aimed in the calculated coordinates.
"Got ya in my sights." A voice whispered as a click was heard. A gunshot echoed through air as the birds flew off. Poking out of the branches was a anti-material SV-98 sniper rifle. It revealed a hooded figure with a armor that looked like an assassin and mercenary. He soon descended from the tree and went to claim his hunt. He knelt down at the dead deer as a item popped out from it after it shattered.  
"Scaled Deer Skin." It said as the player added
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 139 43
UnderTale!HighSchool!Chara X Male!Reader
My Past Is Not Today
(A/N: I decided to use this song cause I kept thinking about it and Chara)
Chara was on the roof of UnderTale High he could see with his ruby red eyes that the sun setting. He felt the cooling winds of spring blow and flow through his dark brunette hair. Chara couldn't hold his pain anymore he decide to let it out in this isolated area.
Was all I desired...
(I desired)
(All I desired)
Chara remembered how cruel he was to others he could remember the sadistic things he did to them.
He blew up Alphys's science project setting of the water sprinkles watching everyone get wet and by the next day they all caught the flew except (Y/n);
Chara poisoned Papyrus spaghetti and watched him choke on t
:iconmuffinbody12:MuffinBody12 22 1
Chara x Male Reader
P.O.V. Chara
I looked at another monster that I had just killed. I could hear Frisk screaming for me to let them go. I can't this is what they signed up for. They agreed to this and now it's to late to turn around.
I thought about just erasing the world there, but decided against it. After all that skeleton Sans made it clear he cares about this world. The least I could do is spare it, even if I do kill every living thing on this planet.
They couldn't understand how I feel. Everyone that I cared about was either gone or didn't remember who I was. Not even my mom and dad remembered who I was. I mean I haven't aged a bit I just want people to remember me.
How could they forget me so easily? I died for all of them! I died so that they could live! Yet no one remembers who I was. The only one who seems to remember me was Flowey and I think I'd prefer his old self more than this one.
I walked onto the surface and looked into the distance. I saw someone standing there. I walked towards them i
:iconmetrofairy:MetroFairy 19 1
Disappear (Chara x Reader)
                                                                     ~ possible cursing and angst ~          
And there it was.. shining brightly in the sky, beams illuminating the sky in many warm colours of red, orange, pink and yellow. There it was, the sunset (Name) had wished to see after so many resets, and god knows how long. But she, no, they were finally there. After so many hardships, battles and adventures. It had finally came to a close. She couldn't be happier, yet (Name) knew that she would miss the mysterious adventures of falling into the underground. She watched as the last person to walk away with Toriel, Frisk, a young human who fell down along side her. Someone who she actually travelled along with, saw countless deaths with and even faced with a certain timeline. But n
:iconchocolattata:chocolattata 33 45
~Undertale X Reader-7 Minutes in Heaven~Chara~
A heart-shaped locket.
    As soon as you held up the item, everything turned completely silent. Even Mettaton didn’t utter another word or say something overdramatized. When you scanned the crowd to get a hint of who you got, you felt a hand grip your shoulder which caused you to yelp and spin around to have (e/c) meet red ones. A shiver escalated up your spine when you saw them. Oh no…it couldn’t be who you thought it is…
“Um, is this yours Chara?” you ask with slight nervousness in your tone, hoping that he was pulling a sick prank to mess with your head. Alas, that hope was all in vain as a crazy grin spread across his face, nearly connecting his pink cheeks. His red eyes gleamed with delight at the sheer terror he brought alongside him. They only brightened when you held up the locket by its shining gold chain.
“Why yes it is! Thank you so very much (Y/n)~,” he took the locket from you but puts it around your neck
:iconillusionsmaster64:IllusionsMaster64 101 611
chara x male reader part 1/???
HELLO my name is mightydrogo or mighty and THIS MY FIRST FIC PLEASE DON'T HATE
this is going to be a chara x male reader
A(h/l/c)haired boy was walking up a step path way up to the top of mountebot after a few hours of walking he reached a part were there was a massive gaping hole (not like that you perv) in the ground slowly he made his way around the hole as he was about to take another step forward the ground gave way around him soon he started to fall towards  the ground *thud* as soon as he hit the ground he passed out.
-time skip-
after a hour he walk up started getting up after a wile he heard a voice
???:"man its been a while, the last time I saw this place was when I fell down"
(Y/N):"who's there?" said the boy looking around to see were the voice came from after a few seconds his eyes landed on a girl with green stripped jumper with some yellow lines going across it and a pair of
:iconmightydrogo:Mightydrogo 14 48
Forever Mine (Chara x M!Reader)
"What did i do to deserve this?" said a boy to himself on a dark place, "I only try to know more about this game, but why did this happen?". The darkness sorround him as he notice a girl standing in front of him. "Don't you remember? you sell your soul to me" The boy tears stream down his face slowly as he remembering what happen.
It was a shiny day, a day to for a certain (h/c) haired boy to play his new game... "Undertale" he was very excited to play the game, he watched other play it and he start to like the game. He sit on his computer and start the game.
(y/n) : i can't believe i can play Undertale! This is awesome!!! Expect for the low graphics.
The boy watched the intro and start putting his name on the game.
(y/n) : (y/n)... okay, that should be enough!
He played the game and following the others who have played it.
(y/n) : let's see... this is the first time, what ending should i choose?
His character in the game is fighting a frog.
(y/n) : well i could choose pacifist ending
:iconmrgalco:MrGaLcO 62 24
The Lioness And The Serpent. (Part 3)
       You walked with Leone and Mine through a forest of some sort. You accepted their offer back at the capital. You were now following them to their base. You glanced around and you felt somewhat peaceful. The sounds of a nightly forest soothed you. Leone was more than happy that you accepted it. Your eyes went wide when she hugged you and even lifted you off the ground. It was like being in a bear hug. It was like being hugged by a boa constrictor. When she let you down, you could barely stand. You focused on your surroundings while following Leone and Mine. Mine was still skeptical about this, but you were trustworthy. Leone grabbed your hand and begun pulling you, well more like dragging you. 
"I'm so happy you decided to join us! The boss is gonna be so happy!" Leone said happily and tightened her grip on your hand without noticing. You felt your cheeks heat up and did your best to hide it. 
"You're gonna be a great addition to Night Raid no doubt!
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 40 34
The Lioness And The Serpent. (Part 1)
Male!Reader x Leone
It was just a usual night within the capital. Either corruption, murders, or other vile acts of power being abused for either sick and twisted hobbies. There are sick people who use their power and wealth for their own twisted desires. Unknown to them, they only make the targets on their backs more and more visible. That's where people like you come in. You were sitting in bar, waiting for a associate of yours. 
"Need a drink, mister?" The middle aged bartender asked you.
"Just give me a small cup of sake please and thank you." You said and he fixed it up and placed it in front of you. You took the cup and started to drink. That's when you felt a tap of your shoulder. You turned and saw this woman with blond hair and gold eyes.
"Come here often?" She asked.
"I suppose. The only place where I can actually drink in peace without someone getting shot or a bottle smashed over their head." You said and she laughed.
"Well as long as I c
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 111 42
The Love Duo! Leone X Male Reader #1

                                                                    Chapter 1
                                                            The Unstoppable Hitman 
This story will take place after Leone suffer multiple gunshot and almost die. After this story, next will be the last chapter for Che
:iconayalachris91:AyalaChris91 41 9
Leone x Male Reader - The Kind Stranger Pt.4
Here's the last part of Leone's reader insert!! Let's get to it!!
A few days later....
It was the day of the festival and you were manning the shop as usual. Before Leone left the shop, she told you to meet her at the festival tonight. You weren't sure why you two would just go together, but you were pretty sure she had something very important to do. Later that day, you closed the shop and locked it before you started to go to the festival. Along the way, you could see a lot of happy couples going there too. During when the government was still corrupt, you couldn't see any happy couples around, one of the reasons is because either one of their lovers had been executed or enslaved to pay for the taxes. Putting aside that thought, you saw Leone up ahead, trying to look for you.
You: Leone!! "Gets her attention" Over here!! "Goes towards ya"
Leone: Place is sure packed up huh?
You: It's alw
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 63 4
Leone x Male Reader - The Kind Stranger Pt.3
Wonder what will happen in this one? Let's find out!!
The next day, you and Leone went to the supermarket to get some groceries. With these kind of things Leone would get bored and impatient, but it looks like she enjoys it now that she's with you, which is really out of the ordinary. An hour and a half later, you and Leone were at the cashier to pay for your groceries. Then, when she turned around, a familiar face caught her attention and she was at the meat section.
Leone: Hey!! Akame!!
Akame: "Gets her attention" Oh, hey Leone!! "Leone runs toward her to meet her"
Leone: It's been a while, how are you doing?
Akame: I'm doing well, how about you?
Leone didn't notice that you were watching her talking to Akame. You didn't know who the girl she was talking to, but you can tell that she was a friend of hers. After all your groceries were put into bags, you called Leone and the two of you went back
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 49 3
Leone x Male Reader - The Kind Stranger Pt.2
Let's do this, Part 2 baby!!
Time Skip
A week later....
It's been a week since Leone was taken out of the hospital and is fully recovered. After checking her out, she and Najenda headed for a nearby restaurant to eat breakfast. While waiting for their orders, Leone can't help but think of the one who took her to the hospital a week ago.
Najenda: Your probably thinking of the man that took you to the hospital huh?
Leone: "Turns to her" How did you know?
Najenda: Like I haven't noticed. Besides, I met him that day also. "Takes a sip of her coffee"
Leone: What!? Then who is he!? I need to know!!
Najenda: And why is that?
Leone: Because I have to thank him of course!!
Najenda: "Giggles" Alright, I'll tell you. His name is (First Name) (Last Name) and is a worker in the city.
Leone: Where does he live?
Najenda: I don't know, he never told me anything else except for his name. "Sets aside her coffee"
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 53 4




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Everyone I'm making an announcement,I'm gonna make sure my group will up productivity 
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Everyone I'm making an announcement,I'm gonna make sure my group will up productivity 


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